OpenMed Association was founded in 2014 to shape the future of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and to be a key facilitator of exchanges and integration among territories, organizations, women, and men of the Mediterranean area. Its history is marked by a steadfast commitment to active participation in collaborative projects, fostering cultural, social, and economic connections across the Mediterranean region.


OpenMed aims at building an integrated sustainable Mediterranean, fostering and promoting dialogue and mutual respect among cultures. Through innovative initiatives, OpenMed constructs bridges of understanding that positively influence regional development.

The institutional vision of OpenMed for a shared and prosperous Mediterranean is reflected in its several activities, ranging from the promotion of economic, cultural, environmental and social studies to the promotion of cooperation projects. OpenMed is also deeply engaged in organizing educational events, such as the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School, that confirms its leadership as network of Euro-Mediterranean initiatives designers and promoters. By a reflective and inclusive approach, the Association continues to represent a reference point for those people seeking exploration and enhancement of cooperation dynamics and cultural exchange in the region.


OpenMed is based in Sardinia, Italy, an island in the middle of the Western Mediterranean area, where also the Managing Authority of the INTERREG NEXT MED Programme is placed. With an available budget of 253 Million Euros for the period 2021-27, the Programme is the main instrument of the EU neighborhood policy referring to the southern borders.

Due to its geographical position, as well as to its rich cultural history, Sardinia is considered a bridge between Europe andMediterranean countries, but also between the two in the Programme involved continents: Africa and Asia. Considering this, Sardinia is a strategic hub for promoting regional exchanges and integration.