OpenMed’s members are professionals
involved in different fields and initiatives within Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.

Board of Directors

emanuele cabras


Graduated in Political Science and MBA, he is an expert on fundraising, project designing and project management for public and private bodies addressed to projects funded by European Funds and other donors.  He has a long experience as CEO and Managing Partner of consultancy companies located in the Euro-Mediterranean area and East Europe. Currently he covers the role of Director of COOPFIN S.p.A., a financial institution specialized in Microcredits, Equity and Business Services addressed to cooperatives. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the RITMI – Italian Microfinance Network.

Specific knowledge: European Funds, Fund-raising, Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Microfinance, Sustainable Development, Tourism, Agrofood, Innovation, Cultural Heritage.


Federica Romano


Italian-Swiss, achieved her Maturity Degree in Switzerland and her Masters’ Degree in Communication at the Cagliari University. Initiated her working activity in the framework of a project funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and further specialized through experiences in food industry companies (Colussi Group Milan), foundations for the valorization of Denominations of Origin (Qualivita Siena), associations working on the olive oil natural and cultural heritage (Associazione nazionale Città dell’Olio), national and regional public institutions (ISMEA, Regional Government of Sardinia). More recently, she worked with FAO in support to the GIAHS Programme Secretariat and, currently, she collaborates with the University of Florence – Department of Agriculture (DAGRI) where she holds the role of Programme Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair “Agricultural Heritage Landscapes” acting in support to research and project management activities concerning natural and cultural heritage, rural landscape and agri-food systems.

Specific knowledge: European Funds, Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Project Management, Communication, Natural and Cultural Heritage, Agri-food Systems, Rural Landscape, Agroforestry, Rural Development

Antonio Manca

He is a graduate in Political Science and International Relations of the University of Cagliari who further enhanced his academic profile with a 1st level Master Course in European Project Design – MAPE, completed in 2016. With a strong commitment to writing of proposals and creating of budgets for projects under the ENI CBC MED and Interreg Italy-France Maritime programmes, Antonio has excelled in developing effective partnerships, working closely with various international organizations and entities. Since 2021, he collaborates with Apply Consulting, where he has been involved in providing training in schools and business planning for startups and SMEs. He specialized in cross-border cooperation, regional development and technology innovation projects. His experience enables him to support SMEs in matching innovative technological solutions and their practical implementation, fostering growth and sustainability.

Specific knowledge: European Funds, Proposal Writing, Budgeting, Cross-Border Cooperation, Regional Development, Technology Innovation Projects, Open Innovation.

Nicola Nieddu

In the past consultant at local authorities in the field of development projects funded by Structural funds (ERDF and ESF), then free-lance Project and Financial Manager in support to public and private bodies in the framework of Research Programmes (Horizon 2020), and cooperation programmes (ENPI CBC MED, ENI CBC MED, Erasmus+).  Teacher in Vocational Training courses in the CPLF (multifunctional work and training centers).

Specific knowledge: European Funds, Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Sustainable Development, Tourism, Business Planning and Marketing.

Fabrizio Floris

Graduated in Economics, he is included in the Italian Register of Chartered Accountants and Auditors. He is an expert on project and financial management for public and private bodies concerning projects funded by European Funds and other donors. He worked for almost 6 years as Financial Officer of the ENPI CBC Med Programme, led by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Specific knowledge: European Funds, Fund Raising, Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Social Inclusion, Innovation, Training.

Other Members

Diego Corrias

Graduated in Political Science and specialized in European Funds management and public procurement with a focus on international procurement under Europe AID rules. He is an expert on designing and management of projects funded by European Funds and management of programs funded by ESIF and Italian cohesion funds (FSC). He has a long experience as a project manager at international consultancy companies, supporting public bodies across Italy to raise and manage EU and other public funds for local development projects. Currently he works as a Public servant at the General Direction of the Presidency of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, assigned to the Secretariat of the Managing Authority of Sardinian PSC (Piano di Sviluppo e Coesione della Sardegna) in quality of program officer.

Specific knowledge: European Funds, Fund Raising, Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Project Management, Regional Development and Cohesion Funds

Ihab Risk Soliman

Italian – Egyptian, born in Egypt in 1969 he lived in France for four years and lives now in Italy since 1996. He graduated in 1990 at the Faculty of Agriculture at the Cairo University and in 2011 at the Faculty of Political Sciences (International Relations). Currently he owns a scholarship for a PhD in Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation at the University of Cagliari. Expert in immigration and international protection, he worked for 11 years at the center for foreigners at the Province of Cagliari, with FRONTEX, and, , as cultural mediator at the police headquarters in Cagliari. He got a translator training from UNHCR and is accredited by the Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Cagliari. He has collaborated in the implementation of the following ENPI CBC MED projects: MIDEMP, FOSTERinMED, MedDiet, GR.ENE.CO. He is now an officer of the Mobility office of the University of Cagliari.

Specific knowledge: Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Project Management, Migration, International Protection of Refugees,  Human Rights

Claudia Sedda

Graduated in 2007 at the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Sassari (Master of Science in Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism). In 2009 she obtained a Master’s Degree in Law in European Integration and Local Government (Faculty of Law, University of Sassari and Université de Corse Pascal Paoli) and also attended intensive Master courses in Project Management in Cagliari and Brussels. From 2012 to 2014 she worked as a Project Manager at the Municipality of Belvì (Youth in Action, Europe for Citizens and LLP Programmes) and at the Rural District BMGS LAG (Measure 4.2.1. Transnational Cooperation-EAFRD). In 2014 she founded Eurobridge, an individual company specialized in European Projects Management that she legally represents. She has been living in Gavoi, Sassari, Paris, Viterbo and Malta, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with the NPA “Immigrazione Oggi” and AWAS (Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers) in the implementation of three European projects co-financed by the EIF and ERF funds. Shes is now Director at the BMG Local Action Group.

Specific knowledge: Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Project Management, Youth Policies, Citizenship, Immigration, Local Development, LEADER approach

Carlo Sanna

Master’s degree in publishing, multimedia communication and journalism with thesis dissertation on “Migration flows in the Mediterranean Sea” and another international Master’s degree in “Advanced methods and tools for sustainable planning”, held by HIT Harbin Institute of Technology (China) and the University of Sassari (Italy) with thesis dissertation focused on “Citizen Participation in the Urban Governance.” He has wide experience in the field of immigration, citizen participation and social sustainability after several years spent as Reception Coordinator Camp for Asylum seekers. In addition to this, he has several years of experience as project coordinator related to sustainability development and governance, and citizen participation and support networks in local sustainability initiatives. He currently holds positions in project management actions financed by Erasmus Plus and regional programs: MACCARD (Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Rural Sustainable Development); DigiTrans Hub (Digital Transformation Hub of Rural Europe); Fluorosis, application of innovative methods and socio-economic analysis for the drinking water in East Africa; Public: Start Public Entrepreneurship as a Response to Complex Challenges. Founder of glocal, a civic movement of community activation and social innovation.

Specific knowledge: Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, Project Management, Citizen Participation, Urban Governance, Immigration, Social Sustainability.